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XM and Auto Trader Ink a Deal

Used cars are not normally a market you think of when you think about satellite radio. For most consumers, that thought comes with new vehicles, free trials and built in satellite radio functionality. However, that functionality does not leave a vehicle, simply because it is not new. Android Autoradio 2 din navigatore per auto XM Satellite Radio has broadened their net and has begun marketing through Auto in an attempt to bag more of the market.

Most used car buyers (it must be assumed) simply choose to ignore the built in XM or Sirius radio functions in their vehicles. Perhaps they assume that the service is too expensive or that it applied only to the original owner. There is a myriad of reasons why they might not think about it. Regardless, XM is making it known that the radios in all GM, Honda and Acura vehicles can be activated by the vehicle’s new owner and often times the activation fee can be waved. This service comes with a free 3 month trial of XM’s service.

Will this be enough to persuade used car buyers to purchase a vehicle equipped with XM already? Probably not, but it does provide an additional selling point for these brands of vehicles. This situation applies regardless of the vehicle’s certification status, as well. For customers interested in learning more directly from Auto, you can click on the XM Radio tile on the vehicle advertisement and you’ll be taken to a description of the services available.

XM isn’t alone in this marketing trend; Sirius has gotten into the act, as well, though not on the scale that XM is doing. Why are these companies beginning to go after the used car market more aggressively? Perhaps they have realized the vast, untapped potential embodied in these consumers. Perhaps they have realized that there are a large number of vehicles on the road that are equipped with their devices, but not using their service. No matter why they have decided to market more directly to this segment, it is a good thing.

Simply by increasing the visibility of their brand, XM and Sirius will be able to get a considerable number of new customers. As stated above, many consumers simply are not aware of the fact that they can activate their radio service; most are more than amenable to the situation once they have been informed. These consumers are usually more than happy to take advantage of the situation, especially with a free trial involved.

The deal XM and Auto Trader have made is potentially just the beginning. There are numerous other opportunities for promotion, from used car lots to other car sale magazines. Simply with a modest advertising presence, both companies can realize a substantial market segment ownership jump. In the end, while the presence of XM or Sirius will not make or break a consumer’s decision to purchase a particular type of vehicle, it can weigh the odds in favor of that particular vehicle over a similar one that is not equipped with any form of satellite radio.